Each Saturday morning the intial setup of the goal nets and corner flags on the No 1 ground,  No 2 ground, No 3 and No 4 grounds is the responsibility of the coach and manager of the first team to play on these fields. This will require turning up early to allow enough time.
The packing up of the goal nets and corner flags is the responsibility of the team which is scheduled to play the final game on each of the grounds. It is also necessary to ensure the goal barriers are erected in each goal mouth.

If you are on Field 1…….first game will be 9.00am.

If you are on Field 2…….first game will usually be 11.00am     (first Miniroos game is 9.00am)

If you are on Field 3…….first game will be 9.00am.

If you are on Field 4……..first game will be 9.00am.

If you are the last Westlakes team to leave the ground after training or a game at night it is your responsibility to ensure the floodlights are turned off and the switchboard is locked. You are also to ensure the clubhouse is locked and secure please. Do not leave this responsibility to other non-club persons who may be in attendance.
If you are issued a key for ground lighting, after turning lights on it is your responsibility to ensure this lighting is turned off prior to leaving thanks. 

*Any breach of this policy offenders will be liable to such penalties as the Committee may determine suitable.

There is 5 sets of training goals set up as well as a concrete rebound wall, do not wear out the grass in the goals of the grounds. It is difficult enough to maintain with weekend use, so please DO NOT use these areas for training.   

   *Any breach of this policy offenders will be liable to such penalties as the Committee may determine suitable.                                                                                                              


Each team from U12 upwards will provide a Duty Officer for the entire period of each home game. This person will obtain a Duty Officer vest from the coach or manager.


Any player, coach or manager representing Westlakes FC must seek the permission of the  Committee before contributing to any form of media such as press, television, radio or social networking sites (such as Facebook) in any topic which relates to Westlakes FC. 

Any player, coach or manager representing Westlakes FC and guilty of bringing the Westlakes FC into disrepute shall be liable to such penalties as the Committee may determine.


*   Obey the rules of the game
*   Accept the decisions of officials and referees without comment
*   Conduct yourself with honour and dignity
*   Be generous when you win
*   Be gracious when you lose
*   Work for the good of your team
*   Applaud the efforts of team mates and opponents
*   Unruly language or behaviour will not be tolerated


*  Each team is expected to provide a Duty Officer for their game

*  Minimum age for players in All Age is 16 yo

*  Over 35 players must be at least 35 yo when competition begins

*  Each player is expected to assist with setting up and packing away of playing equipment

*  As our club facility is a licensed venue no alcohol is to be brought to the ground when the canteen is operating


Each player is expected to abide by the following dress code:

– Club polo shirt

– Long black pants

– Black shoes

These are to be worn to the game and to our sponsor’s venue after the game where all players are expected to attend when possible

Each player is expected to assist with setting up and packing away of playing equipment

Each player is expected to assist as Duty Officer

Each player is expected to assist with BBQ duties

As our club facility is a licensed venue no alcohol is to be brought to the ground when the canteen is operating


*   Always set a good example for your players
*   Respect officials and accept decisions with grace
*   Treat opposing coaches, players and spectators with respect
*   Remove any player from the field whose behaviour is not acceptable
*   Unruly language or behaviour will not be tolerated

Any player, coach or manager representing Westlakes FC and not abiding by the codes of conduct shall be liable to such penalties as the Committee may determine.


The Westlakes Junior Football Club is operated by volunteer staff working to provide a safe enjoyable environment in which children of our community can develop sporting skills and experience the social benefits of team play. Parents play a vital role in our club and it is most important you follow the proceeding guidelines:
*   Always support your child and their team in a positive manner
*   Accept the decisions of officials, including referees and committee staff without conflict
*   Fulfil your volunteer obligations willingly in the knowledge that your efforts will directly impact upon your child’s experience
*   Always show respect for players, coaches, game officials and other spectators
*   Unruly language or behaviour will not be tolerated

If these guidelines for parents  are not abided by offenders may be subject to:
*   Initially a verbal warning
 by a committee member (which will be documented)
*   Further breach being asked to leave the ground
*   Police being contacted
*   Your child being excluded from the club

TEAM SELECTION POLICY (under 12 and above)

   It is the aim of the committee to allow existing teams to remain as intact as possible, however individual players will not be denied the opportunity to trial for a higher grade if they wish to do so.
*   The decision to trial for a higher grade is up to each individual player.
*   If a player’s choice is to trial for an older age group, (when there is an available team in their relevant age group) selection for a postion in such group may be made provided:
–  a relevant aged player is not displaced from the group (not a team) due to such selection.(Relevant aged players will have first priority in their age group not a particular team)

  the player must demonstrate they have the ability required for the older age group.

*   It is only fair that players are advanced in order of ability. Therefore vital input is sought from coaches of the previous season.
*   If individual players prefer to remain in an exisiting team with friends and not be graded upwards, the registrar must be advised of this via online registration. (An election to name friends can be completed in the online registration process) All attempts will be made to comply with player’s preferences, however team selection will be made relevant to available registered player numbers.
*   Players wishing to trial for a higher grade must advise the registrar via online registration. (An election to be graded or not can be completed in the online registration process)
*   The maximum number of players per team is:

16 for U12 and above

12 for U10 & U11

10 for U8 & U9

7 for U6 & U7                                              


Westlakes Wildcats Football Club grades players from U12’s to U18’s. Attendance at grading sessions is vital (but not compulsory) to enable players who wish to play at the highest level for their given ability the opportunity to be selected with players of similar competency.
The following skills are examples of what should be used as a basis for conducting grading days:
*   Ball control
*   Heading
*   Passing
*   Shooting
*   Speed and endurance
*   Vision

The general format used for all grading should be based upon:
*   Skills
*   Small sided games (3-4 a side) or
*   Full sided games (11 a side)
*   Player evaluation using previous season grading sheets
*   New players to the club should provide some history

Co-ordinators should determine during grading which players choose to be available as specialist goalkeepers. These players should compete for selection in the different divisions as a goalkeeper, irrespective of their ability on the field.

If players decide not to turn up on grading day they will be selected relevant to available player numbers.
The grading co-ordinator/s will make the final decisions based on information collated during the grading process. If there is any complaints or concerns in relation to grading you are advised to please attend the Club Meetings to express these and any ideas you may have. you are not to contact committee staff and complain. Becoming more involved and volunteering your services will be much appreciated.
After team, coach and manager have been selected all problems and/or disputes relating to the team will be directed to the team’s manager.


 Any person not abiding by these policies shall initially be issued an official caution by the committee. If a second offence occurs  in relation to any club policy then they shall be liable to such penalties as the committee may determine.


If any person within our club wishes to make a complaint relating to the organisation and/or operation of the club or the conduct of any other person within our club please follow this policy.

Trivial complaints : Please approach any of our committee members and advise of your complaint. The complaint will be addressed and probably resolved without further investigation.

Nontrivial complaints : Initially, please advise any of our committee members of your complaint. After consideration regarding the complaint and possible attempts to resolve the situation, further investigation may be required and these complaints are then passed on to the club Member Protection Information Officer for resolution. You may be required to attend a Committee Meeting in relation to the complaint.


This policy sets out the minimum criteria to be eligible for nomination for an award of Life Membership of the Westlakes Wildcats Football Club in the junior ranks.

This award exists to recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Club. It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Only ONE recipient should receive honorary membership in any one year period. The club recognizes that exceptional circumstances may arise, when two worthy recipients are eligible. It will be then at the discretion of the executive committee how many awards are given.

It should also be recognized that life membership does not have to be awarded each year.

In considering the award of Life Membership an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the overall Club.

The points to be taken into account when considering any nomination include:

  1. General Considerations
  • The general attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee shows a dedication to the values of the Club.
  • Commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship.
  • Valued leadership and good role modelling that reflects credit upon the Club.
  1. Length of Service
  • The length of service to the Club should be extended consecutive service of 10 years as a player or in a volunteer role.
  1. Other Specific Criteria
  • Specific achievement, both on and off the field, will be taken into consideration.
  • Four areas of service in the Club could include: Playing; Coaching/Managing; Administration; and General Contribution (including fund-raising, supporting and other issues that a Committee may see as relevant).

Benefits of Life Membership

  • Award of the Life Membership at the Westlakes Wildcats Football Club Presentation event.
  • As a Life Member, exemption from registration fees associated with the Football Club when registered as a Junior player under the age of 18 years or an Honorary Life Member may transfer this privilege to an immediate family member (son or daughter being the youngest – 1 only) registered with the club as a Junior Player under the age of 18 years.
  • Listing in the Football Club Web site and other official documents.
  • Status of being a member of a select group within the club.

Process for Assessing Applications for Life Membership

  • Nominations for Life membership should be forwarded by a Committee member to the President of the Club Committee no later than 4 weeks before the AGM in each year.
  • Nominees should demonstrate:

. attainment of minimum service requirements.

. an outstanding contribution in at least one of the four areas of service.

. other details of exemplary service.

  • The final list of endorsed nominations for the award of Life Membership will be submitted to Executive Committee members (being President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar) for agreement before the AGM. Subject to agreement by ALL Executive Committee members, Life Membership may be awarded at the next Club Presentation Day.
  • Retraction of a Life Membership Award may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of the Club.


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Westlakes Wildcats FC Committee